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love is the reverberation

of a muted song,

spinning but unspun in a spool.

left over images on the reel, woven

pasts and recycled words

all interconnected into

a massive structure of rewinding time.

you drag it through the street

and beg others to

watch, listen, or feel.

if your bartering isn’t accepted,

another empty echo is hoarded.



Grammar Matrix 

the oscines of my street 

dot the line that connects

a grid of sentences, 

forming physical syntaxes 

which make up suburbia. 

oh, passerine! 

I’m brooding in these windows

come in and play your syrinx

and I’ll play my strings. 

we’ll create a literary band, 

travel the open highways

of our creation.  

I’ll drive my motor vehicle 

while we both stretch our wings