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Haiku on porch sitting


amble in my space

the glint of the scenery

holds quiet comforts



honeysuckle breeze,

car radio on full blast,

bird song and laughter



loneliness exists

even within full view of

lives outside of mine



Band Practice

a midday march

on a sidewalk 

in a forward motion

which is in itself a feat

in this day and age

to be and move is brave 

and it is healing. 

his saxophone dangling politely

after its booming voice connected

his voice to ours

which is an ancient voice

that makes our voices say, 

“we are all hurting but just keep walking,

keep creating and being, 

keep hoping and dreaming, 

keep connecting and listening,

and we will find our ancient voices on

a midday march”

Grammar Matrix 

the oscines of my street 

dot the line that connects

a grid of sentences, 

forming physical syntaxes 

which make up suburbia. 

oh, passerine! 

I’m brooding in these windows

come in and play your syrinx

and I’ll play my strings. 

we’ll create a literary band, 

travel the open highways

of our creation.  

I’ll drive my motor vehicle 

while we both stretch our wings