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College Hill

Chryste says we are our own planets

inside of a dive bar,

pulling men into our gravitational fields.

but I feel like an astronaut,

invisibly free falling

on the fringes of every celestial body.

I lock eyes with a trail of comets,

ensorcell a protostar,

blush in the presence of a red giant.

in the slow descent,

my beer boils,

forming tiny crystals

that encircle my head.

cosmic rays permanently toxify my body

through string lights and neon signs.


I am illumined

or maybe I’m drunk.


haiku on having guests over


quick preparation

knowledge of relationships

quiet mind of mine



ritual circle

life with play is worth living

grow with creation




soap on my fingers

dishes are signs of caring

stomach full of love



fur against the wood

my head swimming with lightness

content and alone