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Low Lake

quixotic puddle, a surrounding circled

by sandy ringlets of time under tree trunks

bearing desire, beneath Earthly happenings

below fears each a different shade of brown.


awaiting the hands of the archaeologist

who lives in Earthly happenings but digs

deeper than the laborers of nearby towns

and fills pales with rocky memories to look through later

just to find the round forming tangible time,



which culminates in the rolling stones they release

from their wrinkled fingers and soft brain tissue

as it thinks of what is later

as an idea

through each individual estuary laden sphere of

circled time wheeling life creating characteristic.



grain of wood creates waves around my carpet,

a multicolored coastline

with it’s frayed edges, concealing mollusks and dog hair.

to follow the natural flow of the patterns

is to step back in time, or through the door

that separates living and loving.

tracing my fingers over them,

splinters collecting in my sensitivity,

realizing it’s not an ocean at all.

if it was, I would never leave the safety of my bed.

you can’t pay for an ocean but you can pay

for the Earth,

with it’s supplies that it kindly deals out to you.

no hidden motive except in your own humanity.


bartering may be safer than buying.


it takes eight minutes and

twenty seconds 

for light to spread itself

thin against my car window, 

only to lay against your cheek

while we ride around a traffic circle, 

we are planets inside our own planet

circling one more time

and then one more time

until we’ve spent the same length of 


as that first light 

so now,  a second light dances in my hair

beaming bright in my rear view mirror 

until it blinds me

and that’s just how light is sometimes 

It’ll come into your world 

and leave you rubbing your eyes

wishing it would just go away