Monthly Archives: August 2018


from this moment forward,

I do not wish to be seen

in the eyes of desire

or through a mirror,

I am invisible.

in my phantom transition

I also vow to be mute.

you cannot hear me,

even when I whisper

when you hold your face close to mine

my voice will not be there

and no, you cannot touch me.

I am ineffable,

every part of my being is off limits

to you, whoever you may be

or will be.

I am without

innately non, un, all forms of other.

I was but will not be

I will not will not be

I will to unwill myself

in every space that is there.

every place that is around me

is now without me.

I won’t. I am not. I am

removed and now I remove I.

read these words in reverse

so that what you read is not

and is no longer.

vow to me that this will

not be seen

vow to not read this aloud.

vow to unsee this in any way

that you can

you must because

I cannot.