Monthly Archives: March 2017

Low Lake

quixotic puddle, a surrounding circled

by sandy ringletsĀ of time under tree trunks

bearing desire, beneath Earthly happenings

below fears each a different shade of brown.


awaiting the hands of the archaeologist

who lives in Earthly happenings but digs

deeper than the laborers of nearby towns

and fills pales with rocky memories to look through later

just to find the round forming tangible time,



which culminates in the rolling stones they release

from their wrinkled fingers and soft brain tissue

as it thinks of what is later

as an idea

through each individual estuary laden sphere of

circled time wheeling life creating characteristic.


Depth Perception

if you were three-dimensional

I would be

congruent, except in an ethereal state

picture gelatin in a blob of self-

awareness that lingers in a bowl for

too long, retracting at the sight of copper

spoons or silverplate ladles, a glorious

green mixture, unsure of an identity

until meeting your lips

Band Practice

a midday march

on a sidewalk 

in a forward motion

which is in itself a feat

in this day and age

to be and move is brave 

and it is healing. 

his saxophone dangling politely

after its booming voice connected

his voice to ours

which is an ancient voice

that makes our voices say, 

“we are all hurting but just keep walking,

keep creating and being, 

keep hoping and dreaming, 

keep connecting and listening,

and we will find our ancient voices on

a midday march”