Monthly Archives: October 2016

Grammar Matrix 

the oscines of my street 

dot the line that connects

a grid of sentences, 

forming physical syntaxes 

which make up suburbia. 

oh, passerine! 

I’m brooding in these windows

come in and play your syrinx

and I’ll play my strings. 

we’ll create a literary band, 

travel the open highways

of our creation.  

I’ll drive my motor vehicle 

while we both stretch our wings

Legume Lament

It’s been with me all of my life, 

In the crusty pieces of bread 

That I’d toast until black 

Savoring the gritty texture. 

I’ve never thought twice about it, 

Even when I heard of other kids 

Who had nearly died on an airplane 

Because a fellow passenger

Never thought twice about it. 

Now I lick it off of a spoon

Like I licked my lover last night 

Thoroughly and with delicate care

Another thing I savor. 

I hope it doesn’t hurt me, 

Like other lovers have 

I’m willing to fight it off, 

But I don’t know if my body is. 


it takes eight minutes and

twenty seconds 

for light to spread itself

thin against my car window, 

only to lay against your cheek

while we ride around a traffic circle, 

we are planets inside our own planet

circling one more time

and then one more time

until we’ve spent the same length of 


as that first light 

so now,  a second light dances in my hair

beaming bright in my rear view mirror 

until it blinds me

and that’s just how light is sometimes 

It’ll come into your world 

and leave you rubbing your eyes

wishing it would just go away