Monthly Archives: September 2016


A white vase, 

Shaped like an hourglass

Cut in half and overturned 

Its never held sand but it can 

Tell time like everything I’ve ever seen

In this time it holds a large fern. 

I wonder,

Does the teller of time feel proud

To nurture and hold? 

Does it feel jealous of always being 

Overshadowed by what it holds? 

I would feel used but I’m not 

A white vase, 

Shaped like an hour glass

Cut in half and overturned 




Small colored squares hang on the walls of a small square building. 

Possibilities of the future, 

Or imaginative outlines of a creative musing. 

We all have the hope that a layer of paint will fix:

That feeling that wells up inside of you when you take the trash out, 

Pour the first cup of coffee in the morning, 

Clean your empty plate. 

A lesson I’ve learned in this short time span – 

Put up wallpaper.