Monthly Archives: November 2015

Gravity & Light

light cast through a lens

reveals a knowing.

like an agate

at the bottom of a well.


yet visible

in a state of chaos

bent and twisted


curved and overturned

by my eye.


and I listen for the shining knowledge,

but I hear nothing.

so I look for it,

and I see it there.

then I reach for it,

and I feel nothing.

at last,

I weep for it.

and I watch the hope I shed

fall towards it,

and my desperation lay against it.

then I have felt it,

and I have heard it,

and I now I know it.



Geography (Revised)

my own mind-

a landscape of unraveling.

a dendrite river

flows, unhindered,

from the estuary, Soma.

unlike the Vedic drink,

my internal pool is starkly torpid.

a dry season is responsible

for this deft accompaniment to surroundings.

like the natural world,

it too has its necessary adjustments.

when the river becomes less frozen,

than a thought ago –

it rushes forth with a sprightly spirit.

a reflection is cast upon the newly formed formation of liquids

dealing out its cards,

made of trickling light.

the chosen outcome is always right.

without this choosing,

would anything be itself at all?