Monthly Archives: February 2014

“Green With Ivy”

dear Discontent,

tonight as the cricket so surely laments,

I will claim the mole’s life.

(that pitied creature)

the one with a nose,

shaped like a celestial body.

I will use a skinning knife,

purging that poor pest of its monotony.

I will become the fraud of the land-

cloaked in false vestments

my neighbors will know me by no name.

only when I have settled,

will I see my passages crumble

and realize that these halls

were not meant for me.

today as dreams mirror memories,

I will submit myself willfully

to Nature

as it annuls my subterranean life.


Pleasure in many places

O, lighthearted frontiersman

Will you pick these berries with me?

Though I find their taste quite bitter

And your assistance, I don’t need

When your tongue makes a suggestion

To the pericarp, soft and sweet

I will steal your intention

Then, its qualities